I have compiled a list of machine learning terms in Chinese and they are linked to the respectively Wikipedia and Baidu page. 😀

English Chinese
Supervised Learning 监督学习
Unsupervised Learning 无监督学习
Semi-Supervised Learning 梯度下降法
Support Vector Machine 支持向量机
Neural Network 神经网络
Deep Learning 深度学习
Deep Generative Model 深度生成模型
Transfer Learning 迁移学习
Hidden Markov Model 隐形马尔科夫链
Logistic Regression 逻辑回归
Ridge Regression 脊回归
Lasso Regression 套索回归
Linear Regression 线性回归
Nonlinear Regression 非线性回归
Log-linear model 数线性回归
Partial Regression 偏回归
Curse of dimensionality 维数灾难